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96000-000 Thermometer Prover/Calibration Box
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  • /media/18037/18037_1.jpg96000-000 Thermometer Prover/Calibration Box
Item# 96000-000

96000-000 Thermometer Prover/Calibration Box


$124.60 / each

Product Description

96000-000 Thermometer Prover/Calibration Box

Prover calibrator designed to calibrate all Cooper electronic thermometers. Three temperature ranges; 32F, 72F, and 120F are built into this fixed calibration unit.

Never needs adjustment
No Power requirements
Includes connector cord

To re-unite a separated mercury column, (such as may unavoidably occur in shipment, etc.) if practical, gently heat the thermometer bulb until main mercury column and separated particles reach the expansion chamber. Tap gently until all mercury is united. Allow to cool slowly in a vertical position. If the expansion chamber is not large enough to accommodate all segments, or thermometer is a type without expansion chamber, cool three-quarters of the bulb in dry ice until all mercury returns to the bulb. Allow to slowly return to normal temperature.