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20288-000 Stainless Steel Diffuser
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  • /media/19444/19444__2.jpg20288-000 Stainless Steel Diffuser
Item# 20288-000

20288-000 Stainless Steel Diffuser


$220.00 / each

Product Description

* Constructed Stainless Steel material
* Intrinsically safe, rugged, and reusable
* Designed for use with Gastec Gas Sampling Pumps and Detector Tubes
* Dimensions:
Approximately 4 inches tall x 1 ¾ inches diameter
(10.2 centimeters tall x 4.5 centimeters diameter)
* Weighs only 4 ounces (113.4 grams).


The 20288-000 Stainless Steel Diffuser provides a convenient method for sampling gases in pipelines. The diffuser maintains the sample integrity and does not react with most chemicals. To prepare for the sample, simply screw the diffuser into a pipeline junction. Prepare the Gastec Pump and applicable Gastec detector tube, open the pipeline valve, insert the tube in the diffuser chamber and begin sampling. The diffuser provides a perfect environment for sampling gases.