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NX20291-000 Irritant Smoke Tube Refills #NX9501
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  • /media/17766/17766__2.jpgNX20291-000 Irritant Smoke Tube Refills #NX9501
Item# 20291-000

NX20291-000 Irritant Smoke Tube Refills #NX9501


$58.00 / each

Product Description

Nextteq #NX9501 Irritant smoke tube refills, pack/ 10 tubes


Respiratory protection can be a safety requirement for a variety of workers ranging from First Responders and decontamination teams to welders and manufacturing workers. Ensuring the respirator properly fits is vital to the wearer's health and is therefore required by OSHA. Although there are a variety of fit testing products available, Nextteq offers only irritant smoke fit testing products. Irritant smoke fit testing is the only OSHA-accepted qualitative fit testing method that does not rely on the test subject's subjective response. Qualitative fit tests such as banana oil (Isoamyl acetate), saccharin, or Bitrex may cause false negative results. A common cause of a false negative result is the failure of a test subject to identify a leak in the respirator.