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NX20291-137 #NX156MH Ethyl Mercaptan (1-160 ppm)
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  • /media/19424/19424__2.jpgNX20291-137 #NX156MH Ethyl Mercaptan (1-160 ppm)
Item# NX20291-137

NX20291-137 #NX156MH Ethyl Mercaptan (1-160 ppm)


$80.00 / pk

Product Description

Brand Name: Nexxteq NX156MH
Equivalent to Gastec #72
Detection: Odorant for LP gas
Measuring Range: 2-80 ppm
No. of Pump Strokes: 2
Pack of 10 tubes
Shelf Life: 2 years


Nextteq detector tubes are wrapped in a thin transparent film that protects against the shattering of the glass tube and the release of the chemical reagent in the event of accidental tube breakage, calibration scale is printed in contrasting ink color that permits high legibility against the color change layer, reliable detecting reagents that comply with Nexxteq's stringent quality standards, quality control number printed on every detector tube, pump stroke volume indicated along with the tube number that defines the substance and range to be detected.