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20300-001 Hydrogen Sulfide Single Gas Monitor 0-100 ppm
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  • /media/19446/19446__2.jpg20300-001 Hydrogen Sulfide Single Gas Monitor 0-100 ppm
Item# 20300-001

20300-001 Hydrogen Sulfide Single Gas Monitor 0-100 ppm


$145.00 / each

Product Description

* Operates continuously for two years.
* Displays its concentration and raises alarm when risk occurs.
* Intrinsically Safe: IECEX, ATEX, CSA, INMETRO, UL
* No need for replacement of batteries.
* Simply toss and get a new monitor after two years!
* IP Ratings = IP65 & IP67
Measuring Range: 0-100 ppm
Resolution: 0.1 ppm
Display: LCD Display
Low Alarm = 5 ppm High Alarm = 10 ppm
(Alarms can be reset to other values using the NX-IR-Link or Docking Station
Operating Life: 2 years based upon 4 minutes of alarm per day
Battery: Lithium Primary Cell
Warranty: 2 years from valid activation within shelf life period
Size: 3.3" x 1.9" x 1.5" with clip
Weight: 3.3 oz (includes battery & back clip)


Single gas disposable detectors protect workers from oxygen deficiency and toxic gases. They operate continuously without sensor or battery replacement. NXS portable detectors measure a gas continuously, display the concentration and raise an alarm when a risk occurs. Simply activate and you are ready to go for two years! The optional IR link can download 30 events - alarm time and concentration.