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27670-012 Liquid Zone Sampler 800 ml
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  • /media/17839/17839__2.jpg27670-012 Liquid Zone Sampler 800 ml
Item# 27670-012

27670-012 Liquid Zone Sampler 800 ml


$336.00 / each

Product Description

* Material: Stainless Steel
* Capacity: 800mL
* Diameter: 3.00”
* Height: 16.25”
* Weight: 2.50lb


The 27670-012 zone sampler is to allow the product to pass through the sampler as it descends through the liquid. The top and bottom valves open with the pressure of the liquid against the descending sampler allowing the liquid to pass through the sampler. When the instrument is brought to a stop the valves close.