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Hydraulic Deadweight Gauge, 50-5000 psi
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  • /media/18119/18119_1.jpgHydraulic Deadweight Gauge, 50-5000 psi
Item# 35255-003

Hydraulic Deadweight Gauge, 50-5000 psi


$4,763.00 / each

Product Description

Pressure Range: 5000 psi
Pressure Intervals: 1 psi
Includes 10' steel tubing
NIST Certification (.02%) available @ additional cost


35255-003 Deadweight Gauge, 5000 psi Of special interest is its portability for field use. The entire instrument is contained in a sturdy carrying case with handle. The gauge is equipped with R.S. safety head to prevent the piston being blown out by sudden application of pressure. Weights are made of brass and individually calibrated for each piston. Ten feet of high pressure steel tubing with swivel connections are supplied for connection to pressure line being measured. RSC Deadweight Gauges come in a wide range of maximum pressures up to 20,000 psi. Our gauges are proven for accurate determinations of pipe line pressures, pipe line leaks, rock pressures at wells, and static pressure on orifice meters. The gauge and weights are mounted on a substantial aluminum base supplied with portable carrying case cover.