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Oil-Water Separator for Deadweight Gauge
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Item# 35266-001

Oil-Water Separator for Deadweight Gauge


$1,625.00 / each

Product Description

* Pressure tested @ 10,000 psi


Refinery Supply Oil Water Separator, 35266-001 is designed for two primary functions. It is intended to eliminate possible contamination to gauges and transducers that are being tested and also designed to prevent water from seeping into the piston & cylinder. While a gauge is tested, the operator is able to bleed off the water that is in the line so only the oil that is directed to pressurize the piston and cylinder is allowed to flow to the cylinder. The water is bled off externally, the dead weight oil pressurizes the piston and cylinder, and the air pressure only goes to the gauge and /or transducer being tested. If water is allowed in the piston and cylinder it will cause an inaccurate reading. (The specific gravity of water is much less than oil and the water leaking out of the cylinder will cause the readings to be inaccurate). In a short time, the water in the piston and cylinder assembly will cause corrosion and wear the assembly. (The tolerance in the assembly is measured in millionths of inches, thus the contaminants in water will cause excessive wear quickly.) 35266-000 Oil Water Separator are sold separately or can be directly attached to new models. If ordered with a new Deadweight Tester, the separator will be attached to the unit unless specified otherwise by the customer.